Galloway, Billings and May Galvanize Crowd at 2019 Gala 

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The April 13 Gutsy Women's Gala was a huge success. Auditor Nicole Galloway thanked the diverse crowd for having her back. Patrice Galloway spoke about the importance of authenticity and encouraged women to run for office. State Senator Karla May shared her story, including discrimination based on both race and gender. Rep. Tracy McCreery presented a check from the Caucus to Safe Connections' Susan Kidder in honor of Barbara Bennett.

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Congratulations to the new officers and board for the Caucus and EMPAC. New officers are pictured above: Mary Nichols, President; Sharon Pace, First Vice President, and Sarah Crosley, Recorder. Other officers elected at the Jan. 17 meeting include Treasurer Lois VanderWaerdt, Membership Chair Kathy McKemy and Endorsement/Friends Chair Sue Kaiser. Policy Council members for 2019 are: Corinne Austin, Karen Francis, Barbara Fraser, Kim Gamel, Alicia Hernandez, Teona McGhaw-Bouré, Renee Marver, Rose-Lynn Sokol, Priya Sudarsanam, Shira Truitt, Kristen Weber.  Ad hoc members are Senators Jill Schupp and Karla May and Reps. Tracy McCreery, Raychel Proudie and Cora Faith Walker. The EMPAC board for 2019 consists of Chair Jeanne Kirkton, Treasurer Kristen Weber, Laura Cohen, M’Evie Mead, Margo McNeil, Dana Kelly and Caroline Miller. The Caucus President and Endorsement Chair also serve on EMPAC.

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Dana Sandweiss hosted a wonderful holiday party in her lovely home. President Margo McNeil congratulated all the women who ran in 2018 as winners. She also announced that the national convention will be in St. Louis in July. Pictured above are Priya Sudersanam, Dana Sandweiss, Teona McGhaw Boure, Lois Vander Waerdt, Barbara Fraser, Shira Truitt, Rep. Gretchen Bangert, Margo, McNeil, Rep. Deb Lavender, Marcia Mellitz, Mary Wochner, Jeanne Kirkton, Rep. Elect LaDonna Applebaum, Erica Hoffman, Ella Jones, Connie Harge, Ann Ross and Renee Marver.

Caucus Proud of Our Endorsed Candidates

Congratulations to the many Caucus-endorsed women who won on Nov. 6. Winners include State Auditor Nicole Galloway; Senators Jill Schupp and Karla May; Reps. Deb Lavender, Tracy McCreery, Gina Mitten, Sarah Unsicker and Cora Faith Walker; newly-elected House members Paula Brown, Raychel Proudie, Lakeysha Bosley, and LaDonna Appelbaum; St. Louis County Council candidate Lisa Clancy; and Mavis Thompson (St. Louis City License Collector). EMPAC gave a record level of support to our 37 endorsed candidates, including several targeted mailings. Total donations this cycle topped $61,000.

Caucus President Margo McNeil expressed her pride in each woman who took the gutsy step of running for office. She particularly applauded those who ran in areas where the odds of winning were against them to offer citizens a progressive alternative, saying "This is the way Missouri moves forward."

At the September meeting, Christine Bertelson explained the benefits of Missouri's non-partisan court plan and introduced Circuit Court Judges Margaret Donnelly and Ellen Ribaudo, two Circuit judges who were retained. Nancy Price from the League of Women Voters presented a PowerPoint presentation on the fall ballot issues. Voters approved Amendment 1 (CLEAN Missouri), Prop B (minimum wage), medical marijuana (Amendment 2) and Bingo.

Click here for a list of the record 37 candidates the Caucus endorsed in 2018


Margo Becomes State President at 'Reclaiming Our Time'

Former State Rep. Margo McNeil was elected president of the  Missouri Women's Political Caucus at the recent state convention, "Reclaiming Our Time." A highlight of the convention was State Auditor Nicole Galloway, Senator Jill Schupp and Senator-elect Lauren Arthur sharing their insights on women running for office. A morning panel focused on survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault. Shira Truitt moderated a luncheon panel "Winning with Different Voices: How to Recruit and Support Diverse Women Candidates" that featured Rep. Cora Faith Walker, Pam Ross and Roya Massoudnia. 

Candidates and office holders pictured above include Renee Hoagenson, Auditor Nicole Galloway, Dr. Ayanna Shivers, Rep. Gretchen Bangert, Senator-Elect Lauren Arthur, Senator Jill Schupp, and Reps. Martha Stevens and Cora Faith Walker. Galloway is shown below talking with EMPAC Chair Jeanne Kirkton. Below center is McNeil and Arthur with Corinne Austin and Sarah Crosley. Below right is the new state board: Amanda Jo Goode, Peggy Cochran, Rebecca Richardson, Margo McNeil, Pam Ross, Shicagolyn Hams Scroggins and Shelley LaRose.

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Dozens enjoy women in the museum tour

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Docent Babs Shapiro gave a fascinating tour of the St. Louis art museum on June 8. She highlighted works by Artemicia Gentileschi, Alice Neel and other women artists, a second century gouache of a woman in pearls, a colossal statue of a queen from the Sunken Cities exhibit and a beautiful recent acquisition by John Singer Sargent. The tour included a 3-D film made with woodcuts by Sun Xun and a video by Jennifer Bornstein.  

Suffrage Day Recognized with Proclamations

On June 4, 1919, Congress passed the suffrage measure that would become the 19th Amendment. It was ratified by the states in 1920, and on November 20, 1920, more than 8 million women across the U.S. voted in elections for the first time. To mark the 99th Anniversary, St. Louis Mayor Lyda Krewson and St. Louis County Executive both proclaimed Monday, June 4, as Women's Suffrage Day. Stenger's proclamation says, "I ask all women to exercise their hard-fought right to vote and encourage them to take part in the political system that affects all of our lives."

Ann Ross also requested legislative proclamations from Missouri Senator Jill Schupp and State Rep. Deb Lavender. They are on display at the League of Women Voters office at 87-6 Manchester Rd. Click here for the full text of all four proclamations.

Young professional women amplify their voices

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More than 30 women gathered for a Game Night at Nexcore in South St. Louis City to launch the St. Louis Young Professionals! After enjoying wine, games, and great company, State Rep. Sarah Unsicker spoke to the young women about her experience running for office and some of the challenges that she faced during her election. Programs are designed to meet the specific needs and interests of young members. The NWPC St. Louis Young Professionals seek to amplify diverse voices and elevate women-identifying people of all backgrounds to positions of leadership in politics. Programs are designed to meet the specific needs and interests of young members. To receive notifications about NWPC Young Professionals events and programs, email Corinne Austin at

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Gutsy Women Were Galvanized at April 14 Brunch

Susan Block, Maxine Clark and Rita Days co-chaired EMPAC's 2018 fundraiser, a gala brunch at Moulin on April 14. The Caucus gave a Gutsy Woman Award to Becky Morgan, State President of Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America. Morgan has organized 16 local chapters of this gun safety group to pressure lawmakers across Missouri to address gun violence. Rev. Dr. Cassandra Gould, Executive Director of Missouri Faith Voices, gave a rousing keynote address. She was introduced by State Rep. Stacey Newman. State Auditor Nicole Galloway joined dozens of other elected officials and candidates in the crowd.

Congratulations to Friends of the Caucus 

Friends of the Caucus is a new program to give women in local races access to a Caucus mentor and other benefits. Preliminary results from the April 3 election show the following Friends of the Caucus won: Laura Arnold running for Webster Groves City Council, Bridget McAndrew running for Clayton City Council, Sandi Phillips running for Maplewood City Council, Diane Livingston and Desiree Whitlock running for school board in Hazelwood, Ella Jones seeking re-election on the Ferguson City Council, Jean Marie Andrews running for Kirkwood Board of Education, and Kara Wurtz running for Kirkwood City Council. 

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Campaign training prepared women for 2018 races

About 20 candidates and 60 other people interested in running or working on a campaign attended the Rise Up & Lead campaign training in January 2018. Speakers for the one-day training included State Senators Maida Coleman, Jill Schupp and Gina Walsh; State Representatives Gretchen Bangert, Deb Lavender, Tracy McCreery and Cora Faith Walker; Megan Price, Melissa Alper, Jeanne Kirkton; Cheryl Hibbeler, Rosetta Okohson and Nancy Nix Rice. Topics ranged from Getting Started, Developing a Message and Communicating through Social Media to Fundraising, Voter Contact and Image. Former Senator Rita Heard Days was the dynamic luncheon speaker. The Caucus has received a grant to hold another training in 2019. 

Proud of our History

The St. Louis chapter of the National Women’s Political Caucus was founded in 1971 by Susan Block, Betty Van Uum, Ora Lee Malone, Marcia Mellitz, Sally Barker and Vivian Eveloff after a speech by Bella Abzug. Sue Shear was the first candidate the Caucus recruited to run for a seat in the Missouri House. Since then, the local Caucus has supported more than 120 women candidates. In 2015, one-fourth of the Missouri legislature is female, with 42 women in the House and six women in the Senate, including Caucus member Jill Schupp.
     For a more complete history of the Caucus, click here.

Our Priorities:

  • to increase women's participation in the political process;
  • to increase the number of women in elected and appointed positions;
  • to achieve greater equality for women;
  • to support candidates who support our goals;
  • to work to eradicate sexism, racism, ageism, poverty, discrimination against the disabled, and discrimination on the basis of religion;
  • to ensure reproductive freedom and freedom of sexual orientation;
  • to stimulate and encourage political involvement by all women in the St. Lois metropolitan area;
  • to encourage the enactment of legislation beneficial to women;
  • to offer opportunities to learn about the machinery of politics through workshops, networking and personal experience;
  • to provide a vehicle for enhancing individual, personal and professional development; and
  • to allow individual members an opportunity to ascertain their own priorities for political involvement