Holiday Party

Karen Kalish hosted the 2017 holiday party at her spectacular Clayton home. More than 100 people enjoyed the festivities, including multiple office holders and candidates. Pictured below are Kathy McKemy, Lois VanderWaerdt, Shira Truitt, Ann Ross and M'Evie Mead; Barbara Fraser and Katherine Van Uum with Kalish; Jean Dugan, Senator Jill Schupp, Teona McGhaw-Boure, Margo McNeil and Jeanne Kirkton; and candidates Kathryn Ellis and Dana Kelly-Franks.

Shira_group.jpg  Kalish.jpg  Jill.jpg  Kathryn-Dana.jpg

Sally Barker hosted the 2016 holiday party for the Caucus. Other past hosts include Annette Mandel, Lydra Krewson, Jill Schupp, Pat Whitaker, Kathy McKemy and Lois VanderWaerdt.

Sally.jpg  Leslie-Ella.jpg  group.jpg   Gina-Joan.jpg  Joan.jpg

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  • Sean Kroemer
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  • Sean Kroemer
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