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Send mail to the Caucus at PO Box 50103, Clayton, MO  63105.

Find us on Facebook at NWPC St. Louis or on Twitter using @NWPCstl.

2018 National Women’s Political Caucus of Metro St. Louis

President: Margo McNeil ( or 314-831-1340)
Treasurer: Lois VanderWaerdt
Secretary: Jean Dugan
Membership Vice Chair: Kathy McKemy
Communications Vice Chair: Cori Austin
Legislative Chair: Priya Sudarsanem
Endorsement Chair: Mary Wochner
Past President: Ann Ross
At-Large Policy Council Members: Jamie Boyer, Karen Francis, Barbara Fraser, Renee Marver, Teona McGhaw-Boure, Raychel Proudie, Jill Schupp, Babs Shapiro, Rose-Lynn Sokol and Shira Truitt
Ad hoc Members: Senator Jill Schupp and Reps. Tracy McCreery and Cora Faith Walker

Eastern Missouri Political Action Committee (EMPAC)
Chair: Jeanne Kirkton
Treasurer: Kristen Weber
Records Chair: Jean Dugan
At-Large Members: Laura Cohen, Dana Kelly Franks and M'Evie Mead

There are also chapters in Kansas City and Mid-Missouri. Corinne Austin and Margo McNeil are delegates and Jean Dugan is an alternate to the Missouri Women’s Political Caucus. For more on the state Caucus, go to:                    



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  • Betty Purple
    Hello. I’m interested is becoming a part of this organization. Who can I speak with to help me?

    -Betty P @
  • Barbara Kiely
    As an ex-pat living in Canada, I have been following the U.S. political scene and watching the events in Washington with keen interest.

    Concerned as are your membership for women’s rights, health, immigration, justice, and tolerance, I have wondered what might be an effective means of getting a message to the White House. Then, with the recent appointment of Ivanka Trump as advisor to the President, I thought that perhaps she could be the direct channel to his ear. In my opinion, she is the surrogate first lady and as such she has his confidence. Might a letter writing campaign to her be an effective means of getting the message to him?

    She wants to promote women entrepreneurs and enable women to achieve financial security. Could a barrage of letters with the gentle encouragement to improve women’s health in all aspects of their lives – reproductive, maternal/child, elder care, nutrition – possibly influence her to approach her father with the idea of rethinking health care, education, birth control and all aspects of women’s lives?

    I am thinking of a positive, non-combative, mentoring approach. She is an intelligent woman. She will follow the dots.

    Thank you for the opportunity to share my thoughts.
  • Mackenzie Daly
    Hello, I’m writing to inquire about upcoming events or meetings. I attended my first meeting 1/19/17 and became a member. I’m very interested in becoming more involved in an organized effort focusing on local, regional and state issues.