Renee Marver (left) and Ann Ross (right) enjoy Washington, D.C, the site of the 2015 NWPC Convention




The buzz was electrifying as members the St. Louis chapter of the National Women's Political Caucus gathered for its annual legislative wrap up for 2015.
Local journalists have called Missouri’s 2015 legislative session bizarre, but the opening statements of Senator Jill Schupp and State Reps. Deb Lavender, Tracy McCreery, Mary Nichols and Genise Monticello, made clear that EXHAUSTING was a more appropriate description. They indicated that victory was found in defeating legislation rather than passing it. These progressive woman fought against multiple attacks on Missouri families, voters and reproductive rights.
The battle-weary group was unable to defeat the passage of several damaging bills, including a right to work bill, a decrease in unemployment insurance benefits and a cut in Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF).
The panel ended by addressing the elephant in the room – the resignation of speaker John Diehl after allegations of sexting with an intern. The group concluded that driving while texting is still dangerous, whether it’s a moving vehicle or the powerful machine of the Missouri Legislature.